Candle Sculpture

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A limited run of one-of-a-kind wax sculptures that offer a lasting impression. Handmade by multidisciplinary artist June Sanregret, these sculptural objects are a permanent alternative to an otherwise impermanent candle. Available in an assortment of 3 heights and 4 custom blended colors.


Note: This is an art object and is not intended for burning.

  • Details

    Measures approximately: 1.5"W x 4"H (mini), 2"W x 5"H (petite), 2"W x 6"H (tall). Handmade from 50% organic soy wax & 50% recycled candles. Natural variations in shape, size, and color are meant to be embraced. Please note: Not designed for use as a candle. Due to the integration of multiple wicks, burning will produce an unsafe flame and is not recommended.

  • Origin

    Handmade in Santa Barbara by multidisciplinary artist June Sanregret. Through reinterpreting existing materials into new forms, her work often highlights the concepts of material consumption, time, and repetition.

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