Crown of Summer Hydrosol

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Crown of Summer Hydrosol gently tones the skin, balances pH levels, and enlivens the senses. Hand-picked at peak bloom and carefully distilled at the height of Appalachian summer, distillate floral waters of white yarrow blossoms, flowering tulsi, and lemonbalm. A key step in any skincare routine, the use of a hydrosol mist ensures optimal absorption and benefits of your face oil moisturizer. 


  • Details

    50 ml. To use, mist onto clean skin prior to applying your face oil or oil-based moisturizer. Or, apply a few spritzes to refresh the skin during the day.

  • Ingredients

    Hydrosols of yarrow, tulsi, and lemon balm.

  • Origin

    Heilbron Herbs crafts thoughtful, accessible, and effective plant remedies that reflect the simple beauty of the flora from which they’re made. Founded by formulator Saralyn Bellmer and based in North Carolina, Heilbron is one of the few brands that uses botanicals exclusively grown in the US by small independent farms. 

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