Kome-No-Megumi Candle

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A natural rice bran candle handmade in Japan using time honored techniques. Intentionally crafted to burn for 30 minute periods, these candles are the perfect addition for morning rituals, moments of quiet, mealtimes, and much more. Beautifully packaged in a box of 20. 


Ideally paired with the Small Koma Candle Stand


  • Details

    Measures approximately 2.75"H each. 20 candles included per box. 30 minute burn time per candle. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Origin

    Imported from Japan. Established in 1892, Takazawa is a Japanese candlemaker that is well regarded for their use of natural plant derived ingredients such as sumac, rice bran, rapeseed flower oil, dried rush, and washi-paper. Utilizing traditional techniques from a time before electricity, the wicks burn notably brighter and cleaner than the average candle.

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