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The Coconut Butter

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Spread the love of CAP Beauty’s delicious Coconut Butter, rich in fiber and healthy fat. Stone ground and made by hand, this Coconut Butter is completely raw and never heated. The old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth creamy texture like no other. Each batch takes about 24-48 hours to make, but it’s well worth the wait for this pantry staple. Packaged in a beautiful counter friendly jar, The Coconut Butter is a nourishing gift for you and yours. Gluten Free, Vegan. 454g/16oz.

  • Instructions

    Use as a creamer in your coffee, tea or tonic. Try it on toast or a rice cracker, blend into smoothies & raw desserts, or take it by the spoonful.

  • Ingredients

    100% Stone Ground Raw Certified Organic Coconut.

  • Story

    Founded in 2015 by Kerrilynn Pamer, CAP Beauty is an L.A. based health & beauty brand that has long set the gold standard for non-toxic holistic goods. Focusing intently on formulations with the highest quality botanicals that heal and protect, CAP preaches the power of plants through clean skincare and pure pantry staples. In CAP we trust!

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