Incense Paper

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Handmade in the United States using an artful 16 step process, Ponsont incense papers are infused with the finest blend of plant oils and natural resins. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and completely sensorial, you can't go wrong when choosing from either booklet, Rosa Rossa or Le Patch. 

  • Details

    Each booklet contains 24 incense papers with 40+ hours of scent diffusion. To use, tear out a perforated strip, fold accordion-style, light, and extinguish the flame. Allow the paper to slowly smolder on a fire safe surface. A gentle stream of smoke will quickly diffuse and scent the intended space.

  • Scents

    Rosa Rossa: On the Aventine Hill in Rome, 1,100 rose varietals grow together in a communal garden. Rosa Rossa is inspired by this Roseto Comunale: a thoughtful rose, harmonized with sandalwood and honey. | Le Patch: More Rue de la Pompe than Haight-Ashbury, Le Patch transcends the hippy clichés. Aged patchouli has a smoother profile, so we use the smooth stuff and round the edges with rose and benjoin resin. Très chic.

  • Story

    Made in the United States. PONSONT Incense Papers are developed and formulated in-house by founder and perfumer, Justin Vaughan. Inspired by art, travel, landscapes, and literature, PONSONT preserves precious oils and the finest resins using an artful 16 step process. The paper used is made of tree-free cellulose and is sourced from a 400 year old French manufacturer.

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