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Rice Wax Candles

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Add an element of ritual to your day with these special candles. With a burn time of 15 minutes each, the Rice Wax Candles are intended to moment of quiet or for special celebrations. Though they might look short and sweet, each candle was hand crafted in Japan using time consuming traditional technique known as “tegake”. Made with 100% natural ingredients, these candles are the purest of quality. 


Pair with the ceramic candle holder

  • Details

    Measures 1.8" H each. 10 candles included per box. 15 minutes burn time per candle. Please never leave a burning candle unattended.

  • Story

    Imported from Japan. Established in 1914, Daiyo has been committed to making genuine Japanese candles with natural ingredients for over 100 years. Using a traditional technique known as “tegake” that few craftsman master over a 10-year period, the candles are made by hand one layer at a time. Crafted using environmentally friendly materials such as rice wax and rush weed, the candles promote a clean burn and do not emit smoke or leave behind excess dripping.

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