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YOLO Journal

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Yolo Journal is a boutique travel magazine founded by Yolanda Edwards, former Creative Director of Condé Nast Traveler and avid world explorer. A love letter to receiving word-of-mouth travel advice, each issue features brief lyrical stories and inspiring photography from a unique cast of creative travelers. Tastefully curated and free of advertisements, Yolo offers hard-to-find inspiration, hidden gems, tips, and much more. See details below for notes on each issue we carry.

  • Issue Details

    ISSUE 9 SPRING 2022 is devoted to many corners of the world. Explore destinations like Kashmir, Kenya, Japan, Northern New Mexico, Ghana, Sicily, Transylvania, Block Island, Jamaica, Ibiza, and more. Plus, the planning of a multi-generational trip for 12 people that ended up being sheer magic for the whole family. || ISSUE 10 SUMMER 2022 is devoted to France. Discover the best restaurants of the Riviera, charming villages of Normandy, the chateaux of the Dordogne, markets of Provence — plus, an insider list of what to eat, see and do in Paris from friends and experts who know it well. || ISSUE 11 FALL 2022 explores the raw beauty of coastal landscapes from the Azores to the Norwegian Arctic, and road-tripping through regions as varied as the Mexican Yucatán, the Balkans, and Puglia in the off-season. As always, with the best picks of where to stay and a few easy pieces to pack. || ISSUE 12 SPRING 2023 is dubbed "The Cure" and devoted to all things wellness. In this issue YOLO plunges into the healing power of water, from Japan’s hot springs to Budapest’s bath houses, and explores the hills of Bhutan and jungles of Bali for a health boost. Bonus: don’t miss our global list of our favorite spa retreats and clinics, from Arizona to Zanzibar.

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